VSSA Reef Program Support

VSSA is pleased to offer our new Artificial Reef Guides.  To purchase just click Buy Now.  Cost is $50 plus $4 shipping.  We have them back in stock.  Click Buy Now to Order Yours Today.  


This 20 page full color book provides detailed images and highly accurate GPS locations to the

 artificial reefs in Virginia. Each page shows the image scans of the reef itself plus GPS locations in lat/long format so you can go directly to the structure shown in the book. This book is on


ly available in print form. All proceeds for this book will go towards new reef material to enhance the Virginia Artificial Reef Program. This product is sponsored by the Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association (VSSA). For more information or to join VSSA go to ifishva.org or joinvssa.org.

By purchasing this book for $50, you can join VSSA for one year. VSSA membership is currently $25 per year but by purchasing this book you will receive a one- year membership/one year renewal at no additional cost. Current members may renew their membership by purchasing this book as well. To receive your free one- year VSSA membership, just send a copy of your purchase receipt to: ifishva@gmail.com

The following reefs are included with detailed scans and waypoint GPS locations:

Asphalt Reef
Back River Reef
Blackfish Banks
Cabbage Patch Reef
Cherrystone Reef
East Oceanview Reef
Nassawadox Reef
Nundua Puncoteague Reef
Newport News Reef
Northern Neck Reef
Occonhannock Reef
Parramore Reef Subway Cars
Tower Reef
Triangle Reef
Wachapreague Reef

Windmill Point Reef






To see static, zoomable images of the book, please click here:  Clickable Images




Additional Digital Reef Demo Videos Here. 


June 10, 2023VSSA thanks all the volunteers who took time to deploy the reef balls on Saturday, June 10.  A special thanks for Heard Concrete in Chesapeake for pouring the reef balls for our first reef deployment.  Here is a quick video from Channel 13 news.



VSSA – VMRC Artificial Reef Plan for 2023 and beyond – Capturing the Power of Volunteerism

Saturday, June 10, 2023 Deployment 

Virginia’s artificial reefs are in need of periodic maintenance with new material in order to keep and attract fish.  One of the VSSA goals is to find opportunities for volunteers to help keep our reefs properly maintained.  And while we have efforts underway for larger pieces and donations, the purpose of this program is to use the power of volunteerism. 

We are asking anglers from across the state to consider making plans to make micro-donations to the reefs.  

Our plan:

Our first deployment will be East Ocean View Reef on June 10, 2023, from 8 am to 11 am.  This will be a pilot program to test procedures with VMRC staff and VSSA volunteers.  If all goes well, our plan is to continue with more reef events into 2023 and beyond.  All volunteers must sign up using the link below to participate. 

VSSA Reef Deployment Sign-up Form.

If you want to donate directly to the VSSA Artificial Reef Program Support, please click the button marked “donate” below and you will be guided. VSSA is an approved 501C-3 organization, and all your donations and gifts are tax deductible. Please consider donating any amount you feel you can contribute. All your donations will help support our action plan to fight for your right to fish recreationally in Virginia.  (Please note that all donations go to VSSA for reef support not to VMRC.)  


Our plan.   We are calling on all anglers to support our effort and begin planning to support this effort by selecting one of the reefs below and begin preparations to contribute.   Our first deployment will be East Ocean View Reef on June 10, 2023, from 8 am to 11 am.  This will be a small scale to test procedures with VMRC staff working with VSSA volunteers to see how it goes.  If all goes well, our plan is to continue with more reefs into 2023 and beyond.  Because this initial deployment is a test and limited in scale, we are asking anglers to sign up using this form.  Just click below to sign up.

VSSA Reef Deployment Sign-up Form.




















Reef Balls. VSSA has teamed with Heard Concrete, 201 Dexter Street West, Suite 100, Chesapeake, VA 23324 to produce reef balls in several sizes. FYI you have to enter via the Atlantic Ave side to access the yard.  https://goo.gl/maps/1WygPQJ2i3TTcd26A  Anglers can select the size and number of available reef balls that they are comfortable handling on their vessel.  Once inspected by VMRC staff, we will announce a date that anglers can stop by to pick up reef balls that their boat and anglers can manage.  VSSA salutes Heard Concrete for volunteering to make this happen. Here are some pictures and video of the reef balls being made for this  Here are some pictures and video of the reef balls being made for this project.  

We have 3 sizes.

  • Oyster Ball 40-60 lbs
  • Lo-Pro 100 lbs
  • Mini-Bay Ball 250 lbs. We are finding the Oyster Ball is a one man lift and the Lo-Pro is 2 man. The Mini-Bay may be too big for most.



















VSSA Reef Deployment Sign-up Form.

Approval Process.

All participants must sign a waiver of liability form(s) for both the VMRC and VSSA prior to deployment.  It is important that you only bring cubes or balls you and your crew can safely manage.  Old carpet or tarps can be used to protect your boat from being scratched from the concrete but neither VMRC nor VSSA will be held liable.  Use your own judgement and above all be safe. You must arrive at the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp between 8 am and 10 am to have your reef ball inspected by VMRC and sign the liability waivers.  Each vessel will be issued a numbered flag to display on your boat, so the VMRC can identify you as a participant. You may arrive to the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp either by boat coming into Lynnhaven Inlet or trailer your boat to the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp.

Deployment Day.

Once approved at the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp you may proceed to East Ocean View Reef where a VMRC boat will be anchored. As you approach the reef, hail the staff boat on channel 72 to make contact (we will also provide a back-up cell number on that day).  You will be instructed to pull up alongside the anchored VMRC boat, state your boat name and flag number.  When instructed by the VMRC staff, you will deploy your approved contribution in clear view of VMRC staff.  Boats are free to drop waypoints to mark this new reef material going down. 

Weather and other cancellations.

If weather conditions are unfavorable for the event (a small craft advisory is issued by NOAA or other concern) we will reschedule for another day and let anglers know by email and VSSA webpage and Facebook.  It is our hope that anglers can make their contribution in the morning, then go out and enjoy a day of fishing on that Saturday.

VSSA Reef Deployment Sign-up Form.