Reef Program


Virginia has an Artificial Reef Program but has been neglected due to no or low funding by the state.  Many of our reefs are sinking into the seafloor bottom and need periodic maintenance with new material in order to keep and attract fish.  VSSA is embarking with a program to raise funds with the specific intent to keep the program going by adding new material over time in order to maintain an adequate habitat for our fishery.  Here is our program to accomplish this:

  1. Establish a committee of volunteers to help manage this program.  To volunteer click here for details.
  2. Raise funds through donations and sales.
  3. Work with state and federal agencies to add materials to existing reefs and create new reefs.
  4. Promote recreational fishing through this reef program.
  5. Leverage construction contracts for contractors to donate materials to be placed on reefs rather than dispose of items like concrete, piping, and any material suitable for reefs.

If you want to donate directly to the Reef Program please click the button marked “donate” below and you will be guided. VSSA is an approved 501C-3 organization and all your donations and gifts are tax deductible. Please consider donating any amount you feel you can contribute. All your donations will help support our action plan to fight for your right to fish recreationally in Virginia.

VSSA is pleased to offer our new Artificial Reef Guides.  To purchase just click Buy Now.  Cost is $50 plus $4 shipping. 

This 20 page full color book provides detailed images and highly accurate GPS locations to the artificial reefs in Virginia. Each page shows the image scans of the reef itself plus GPS locations in lat/long format so you can go directly to the structure shown in the book. This book is only available in print form. All proceeds for this book will go towards new reef material to enhance the Virginia Artificial Reef Program. This product is sponsored by the Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association (VSSA). For more information or to join VSSA go to or

By purchasing this book for $50, you can join VSSA for one year. VSSA membership is currently $25 per year but by purchasing this book you will receive a one year membership/one year renewal at no additional cost. Current members may renew their membership by purchasing this book as well. To receive your free one year VSSA membership, just send a copy of your purchase receipt to:

Yes the VMRC page has information and waypoints available for the reefs.  But this book provides you far better image scans and way more waypoints than VMRC has available.  The image scans are directly from NOAA that provide you with greater detail to help put you on the fish.  Plus it’s all in one book you can keep on your boat available when you want to use it.  

The following reefs are included with detailed scans and waypoint GPS locations:

Asphalt Reef
Back River Reef
Blackfish Banks
Cabbage Patch Reef
Cherrystone Reef
East Oceanview Reef
Nassawadox Reef
Nundua Puncoteague Reef
Newport News Reef
Northern Neck Reef
Occonhannock Reef
Parramore Reef Subway Cars
Tower Reef
Triangle Reef
Wachapreague Reef

Windmill Point Reef






To see still, zoomable images of the book, please click here:  Clickable Images




Additional Digital Reef Demo Videos Here.