Happy New Year from VSSA. The Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association’s (VSSA) purpose is to provide a strong voice in all matters relating to saltwater fishing and safeguard the right to fish recreationally.  The more member we have the stronger our voice becomes.   VSSA is a an approved 501C-3 non-profit organization and as such your dues and contributions are tax deductible. 

Member benefits include:

  • Entry into the VSSA Tournament with monthly and end of year cash prizes.
  • Access to all our exclusive YouTube seminar series videos about targeting fish in Virginia.
  • A vote during VSSA General Membership meetings.
  • Stay abreast of current issues affecting Virginia saltwater fishing.
  • Participating directly or indirectly in fishery management decisions. 
  • Participate in polls to help decide the direction of our fishing action plan.
  • Helps to unite all anglers in Virginia so we can speak with a united voice.

Membership runs from January 1 – December 31.  Current members will receive an email to renew.   New or existing members can click here to become a VSSA member now.  You will be directed to our membership program, Member Planet.  You can chose between memberships for

(1)  Individual ($25)

(2)  Family ($25)

(3)  Lifetime ($500)

(4) Junior Under 16 ($1)

(5)  Affiliate ($1 per club member)




Join or Renew Click Here.

Additionally, VSSA encourages all anglers to find and join a local fishing club.  VSSA offers an affiliate membership program where the club joins as affiliate member for only $1 per club member paid by the club treasurer.  For more details and a listing of local fishing clubs, please click here.