Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association


As part of our membership drive VSSA is sponsoring an all year fishing tournament where you are eligible for monthly and end of year cash prizes simply by paying the $25 membership dues.  For details click VSSA Tournament.



The Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association’s (VSSA) purpose is to provide a strong voice in all matters relating to saltwater fishing and safeguard the right to fish recreationally.


The VSSA Goals:

• Unite Virginia Saltwater anglers, both recreational and charter, for all fisheries
management issues.

• Communication with all members of VSSA will be a high priority to ensure input is
dispersed and received to represent the interests of Virginia Salt Water Anglers.

• Keep members informed of all fishery related issues and represent the positions of VSSA members at the various local, state, and federal levels.

• Protect Virginia marine, boat and tackle industry jobs.

• Ensure the long-term sustainability of Virginia’s fisheries.

• Work to prevent unsustainable and damaging fishing, including fishing done on an industrial scale that damages our fishery and ecosystem.

• Support and maintain communication with local Virginia fishing clubs.