Action Plan

Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association (VSSA) Action Plan

This is a draft action plan that needs more angler input to further refine and develop. This represents an initial cut at the VSSA Action Plan that will be developed over time with more input. Send comments to or use the contact us tab on

1. Menhaden. Significantly reduce or eliminate industrial scale allocation. Support legislation to move management to VMRC. Address both at federal and state levels with emphasis on federal.

2. Rockfish. Summer season for schoolies. Reports are good in the mid-bay all the way up to the VA/MD border especially in the rivers. MD gets summer access, why not VA?. Consider fall season date adjustments.

3. Nets. Require VMRC to management nets more effectively, recs and comms.

4. Speckled Trout. Should we have a moratorium until stocks are rebuilt?

5. Cobia. Support reduced cobia limits to prevent full closures.

6. Gray trout. Review stocks, closer management.

7. Flounder. Ensure recreational anglers have fair access to flounder.

8. BSB. More winter access from Jan-Mar.

9. Croaker, Spot, roundhead. If there are to be limits put in place, ensure recreational anglers get adequate access. Help develop FMP with reasonable limits.

10. Tog. Adjust spring season to account for cold winters. Support ASFMC plan to establish tog regions.

11. Bluelines. Work with MAFMC to reduce overfishing in mid-Atlantic. Our northern neighbors should have the same limits as VA so northern states can’t come into VA waters with higher limits than we have.

12. Small Sharks. So many small sharks in the bay, consider limits for small sharks.

13. Other Issues. _________________________________________