Menhaden General Assembly Positions








We are asking everyone to contact their representative in both the House and Senate and ask if they support menhaden conservation in the Chesapeake Bay.  Please go to this website to find out who your representatives are:

Then ask at a minimum the following questions and report back a summary of your conversation in the appropriate section below.  

  1.   Are you aware that a single foreign owned company in Reedville, VA is taking large numbers of menhaden from the Chesapeake Bay?
  2.   Are you aware this company is over the bay quota set by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC)?
  3.   Would you support a bill to move management from the GA to VMRC who manages every other saltwater fish in Virginia?
  4.   Would you be willing to contact other Senators / Delegates to gather support for this bill?
  5.   Do you consent to this conversation being summarized on the open web for voters to see?


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First Meeting Minutes

All, thanks for your participation last night. Here Is our to do list for the next two weeks:
If i left anything off, please let me know.

1. maintain laser focus on the VMRC and getting the bay Cap lowered
consistent with ASMFC directive 2. Everyone contact your elected state
delegate and senator to voice your concern about this matter 3.
Everyone distribute the letters to the governor to fishing friends and
others that want to protect the bay environment, collect these if
possible otherwise they can mail them directly to the governor with copy to their state representatives 4. Steve/john-Clean up messages and put in a handout form, expand beyond anglers 5. Steve will Distribute names of House and Senate committee members, everyone to pick two or three for contact with a constituent if at all possible ( i will send this in a few days) 6. Everyone identify other businesses that are also hurt by Omega and enlist their help, local chambers of commerce might be a good place to start, especially in light of new striped bass restrictions.
7. Consider other ways to drive traffic to Facebook For awareness, for example Virginia Menhaden Alliance, William Dunn’s Facebook page, the VSSA Page, etc. 8. Mike Mahler, draft response to saltwater sportsman article to cover  the impact on the Chesapeake Bay 9. John Bello-determine governors likely reaction To an out of compliance finding 10. Contact ASMFC and ask them to hold Va and Omega accountable for this flagrant violation of the bay cap and mention we can not allow a foreign company to disregard fisheries rules and damage the bay’s fragile ecosystem. ASMFC Contacts:  Bob Beal at Senator Monty Mason at J Bryan Plumlee > at bplumlee@pbp-attorneys .com Of course feel free to cc your state
senator and delegate.
11. Steve will send task force contact list ( may take a few days)

Our Next mtg in 2 weeks. I will be in touch for details.

Thank you for your participation!
Steve, Virginia saltwater sportfishing Association